What Inspires

I’ve talked about it a bit before but I want to do it again. The way my mind gets an idea, the way I get inspired, is something that continually surprises me.

The smallest thing can set me off. A phrase, an action, a picture. And then it’s like a scene is playing in my head. Sometimes I don’t even know much about the characters. Or the story as a whole. It’s just a scene. The story develops, or doesn’t, from there. A lot of them turn into flash fics. You may remember, back towards the beginning, the story of a man coming home to discover his roommate had decorated the whole house with mistletoe in the middle of July. Adam and Jamie were inspired by a pic of two guys kissing under the mistletoe. I saw that pic, and then my brain showed me a different scene. Of Adam coming home, the house decorated, and him being shocked because it was summer.

I always roll with what my brain shows me. Maybe it doesn’t amount to anything. Maybe it does. Sometimes it lingers, and sometimes it’s just a flash in the pan. But who am I to question what my brain sees? It’s given me some good stuff that provides both you and me with a few minutes entertainment.

Tune in Wednesday to hear about my latest inspiration.

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