When The Idea Strikes

So we all know I’m a combination plotter and pantser. I write what inspires me, I know the basic gist of the plot, I sort some stuff out, and then my characters take on a bit of a life of their own. So when an idea slams into my brain, I need to start writing it provided I can figure out the basics.

This idea came from a snippet of a scene my brother told me years and years ago. It’s always stayed with me. And last week, I remembered it out of the blue, replayed it in my mind…and then I saw what happened after.

So with his permission, I started writing it. And I got the first two chapters written with little problem. Okay, there was one problem. At about 4K I realized one of the character’s names needed to change and I had to stop for the night because I had no idea what his name was. And once I figured it out, I realized that the other guy’s name should change too. So I did that too. So now I’ve got my guys, their personalities, and the basic plot.

It wasn’t what I intended to work on next. I had this whole other idea and it was good and I was excited. But this? This just won’t leave me alone. So this is what I need to write right now.

And, at least for right now, I’m calling it Ghostwalker.