Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

They unseasonably cool temperature meant that Kyle wasn’t even breaking a sweat as did yard work. He was very particular about the way things should be done, and he worked hard at keeping everything nice. It was also a chore he loved doing. Which worked out well, because it was the one thing I really loathed. I’d scrub the bathroom everyday if it meant I didn’t have to weed. There were bugs in the weeds.

I stood at the front window, peering out at him and watching the muscles play beneath his tight shirt as he worked. The good thing about the weather was that Kyle was comfortable as he worked outside. The bad thing was that he hadn’t lost his shirt, and that was my biweekly eye candy.

We had mutual friends, so when my building went condo and I’d either have to buy my place–which I couldn’t afford–or move out, they suggested I talk to Kyle. He owned a large house and was looking for a roommate to help defray some if the cost. We hit it off, I moved in, and we’d been getting along great for the last two years. It had worked out perfectly.

Except for the fact that is fallen in love with him.

Kyle was a solid, loyal, all around good guy. And a walking wet dream. But I never got the feeling that he wanted me too. So I kept my feelings to myself and tried to forget about him by hooking up with random guys and dating anyone who showed an interest. But even that was getting old. And in the last few months, I hadn’t done anything with anyone but my right hand.

Kyle finished his work, gathered his lawn care equipment, and headed around the side of the house to put it away in the shed. I faded from the window. By the time he entered the house, I was sitting at the table, a large glass of ice water ready for him. He grinned at me as he took a large swallow.

“I need a shower,” he said conversationally. He stretched his arms over his head to show off a tantalizing bit of skin at his stomach. “Wash off all this grime. Care to join me?”

I started and stared open-mouthed, sure I had heard him wrong.

His smile softened and his eyes filled with affection. “You’re done with all that running around. I know it. So it’s time for you to give us a chance.”

I should explain. I should tell him that he was the reason that I’d done those things. But I wasn’t stupid. We could have that conversation later. He was giving me the sign if been waiting for and I wasn’t about to pass the opportunity up. I stood, grinned, whipped off my shirt, and raced him to the bathroom. He chased me, laughing.

My heart was light. Finally.

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