It’s All Fodder

Sometimes, when hurt is visceral and real, it’s hard to remember that I have a tool available to me that not everyone has. I’m a writer, and every experience I have is something I can use.

Everything that happens is fodder for the grist mill.

I’m not even talking about taking actual events and putting them in the page with my characters. Though, if I’m honest, that has happened in certain degrees too. But here I mean the emotions behind a situation. I can put my characters in different scenarios, ones I maybe have t experienced, but the emotion behind it is something I know intimately. And that right there is a gift. Because I can write it feeling real.

And if I’m completely honest, that helps me work through my own emotions as well. Giving my characters a solution that I maybe didn’t get it cathartic. Writing out the hurt and the anger and then making it okay, in the end, is something that soothes my soul. I’m lucky that way. I have an outlet and I intend to use it.

Side note: there’s a new page up there at the top. Freebies. I intend to add more as time goes on but for now, Christian and Tyler’s story, Meant To Be, is there as a PDF that, if you want, you can download and save for your very own.

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