Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Today, I cheat a little.  As a challenge, I wrote a drabble.  It’s harder than you think, to get your point across in exactly 100 words.  I did it twice.  Hope you enjoy**

**I should also probably mention that yes, I’m aware it’s only Thursday**


The house was silent.  I dumped my briefcase by the door, draped my suit coat over the back of the couch, and loosened my tie.  “Hello?” I called, my voice echoing.  “Baby, where are you?”

Soft music caught my attention, and I wandered in the direction of the living room.  Flickering candlelight cut into my peripheral vision.  I rounded the corner and my breath caught.  Every available surface was filled with candles, flower petals strewn to cover the floor and tables.

He stood in the middle, arms out, welcoming.  He was breathtakingly beautiful.  His grin was warm.  “Dance with me.”




The wind and rain had chilled me to the bone. But I kept walking, head down, plodding along.  If I stopped I would feel the hurt.  I wasn’t ready to deal with it.  I kept moving.

I heard the car, and staunchly refused to look at it as the rumbling engine purred to a stop beside me.  I kept walking, my pace picking up.  The car moved with me.

“Baby,” his voice pleaded, deep and rumbling.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it.  Forgive me.  I love you.  Marry me.”

It had been what I’d been waiting to hear.  I smiled.


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