The Painful Parts

Had a good day Saturday plotting and brainstorming and figuring out some changes that need to be made. It was wonderful and painful all at the same time. There are some things I want to change, and that is good. There are some things that need to change but I don’t want to do it, and that is painful.

I was all gung-ho to get on that Sunday. And then…well then I read instead. I just couldn’t bring myself to start the work. Not yet. Just a little bit longer. I need a little more time.

Pretty soon I’m going to have to make myself.

This is the part of writing where the hard work comes in. Where I have to let go of some of the words I’ve fallen in love with and find new ones. It hurts. But I know it’ll be a better story when I’m done so it’ll be worth it.

I just have to remind myself of that.