Home Stretch

The end is near. I can feel it. Pretty soon, the first draft of Beholden will be complete. Then it’s off to the betas and more work to fix and edit. But the story getting finished? All the words on the page? That’ll happen soon. Maybe even in a matter of days.

I’m excited about it. But also not. Because I don’t want to let these guys go. Because I fear it being over and all the stuff that comes next. But it’s also thrilling to get a complete story on the page.

I have some decisions to make about the way it’s all going to end. And there’s still a good number of words to write. But I can feel the end approaching.

I’m in the home stretch. And it actually feels good.

2 thoughts on “Home Stretch”

  1. Isn’t it great to be in that final stretch? I’m there with my next novel. No more than 10K words to go to wrap the story up. But that feeling, the not wanting to let go for the characters… if you feel it, then hopefully the readers will too. And then you get the fun experience of sequels!


    1. Here’s crossing my fingers that readers do, in fact, feel the same way. And this one is actually planned as a series and I think it’s actually going to pan out that way. We’ll see! But yes, I do love the feeling of being nearly done!


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