Write Him A Boyfriend

I get inspired over the smallest things. Plot bunnies start hopping around with the slightest provocation. This time it was a waiter.

Out to dinner with my sister, and he walks up to the table. He’s perfectly styled and completely adorable. An absolutely sweetheart, who camps it up just a little when he sees we approve. After he takes our order and heads back to the kitchen, my sister and I grin at each other.

“What a sweetie,” I say. “I just want to write him a boyfriend.”

Fortunately my sister gets how my brain works, and this made perfect sense to her. Now, we didn’t find out much about him–the restaurant was busy–but that didn’t stop us from imagining his type and what would happen when they meet. How the story would progress. His smile and his look inspired a character, but the rest is all speculation based on the total five minutes conversation we had with him.

But he’s in my head now. He’s an alive character. And eventually, I’m going to write him a boyfriend.