Friends Are Dangerous

And supportive friends are the worst kind of dangerous.

Because they shore you up when you’re feeling low, give you all sorts of positive feedback, and they encourage your wild tangent plot bunnies.  What’s worse?  They feed the plot bunnies.  They make them grow and flourish until you have no choice but to listen.  It’s horrible!

Okay, it’s not.  It’s actually freaking fantastic.  And I’m very lucky to have a couple of people in my life who are expert plot bunny feeders.  When the muse sets her minions loose, when those bunnies start hopping around like mad, these friends are the ones that feed ’em up till they are fat and happy, and encourage me to run with them.  And sometimes, I absolutely need help feeding those little guys.

Most recently, sharing an anecdote with one of the aforementioned friends resulted in a whole freaking plot.  In fact, he was the one that told me to get on it and write it, before the thought even crossed my mind.  But then, in no uncertain terms, told me to finish Beholden first.  Thankfully, this plot bunny seems to be fat and happy, content to wait it’s turn till the story can be told.

But it’s sort of lit a fire under me.  Get Beholden done so that I can tell the new boys’ story.  But in a good way, not in a “rush to move on kind of way.”  Of course, it means I need to manage my time a bit better but…well, thems the breaks.

Like I said, friends can be dangerous.  But a little danger is sometimes a good thing.

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