I took a week off from all things word related because I was getting overwhelmed and bogged down.  I needed a bit of a break because there was too much spinning in my head.  Sometimes, that happens to me.  And although I usually try to muscle through and write anyway when things aren’t cooperating, I also know when I need to step away and get a new perspective.  That’s why there was nothing posted last week: I didn’t have anything to report.  And I wasn’t even going to attempt a flash fic in my state of mind.

But I’m back on track.

I’m still working on Beholden.  And the thing I discovered is that a plot point that I thought was crucial didn’t work and so it needed to get changed.  That’s why the word count hasn’t grown.  The last chapter that I had written needs to be rewritten.  I’m fairly certain that I’ve got it all worked out now, so that it will work better with the story as a whole.  So I’m working on those changes so that I can start moving forward again.  Because, damn do I love Julian.  And I want his story to get told.

But that’s also part of why I was bogged down.  I’m not going to lie; sometimes it’s really hard for me the change what I’ve written.  I get attached to my words, or my plots, and I don’t want to see them change.  But I want to write the best story that I can, I want to do the characters justice and have their story be told, so changes must happen.

It just sometimes takes me a bit to work up the courage and the gumption to make those changes.  But I have, and I am, and I believe it’s the best thing for the story.  Keep an eye on that meter.  It’s expected to start growing again soon.

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