That Guy

I’ll admit it. I’m drawn to a certain kind of character.

Don’t get me wrong: I love a variety if characters. I love to see nuances and quirks and all the little bits that make each character unique. It’s fun to discover all the things that make a character who they are.

But that guy, the possessive, stoic, communicates in grunts and growls guy…yeah, I’m always happy to see him.

I’m not talking about scary possessive. I’m not talking about demanding and mean and suffocating. But the guy who is all “mine”. Who wants his love interest to be only his. Who is aware of his possessive streak and does what he can to keep it in check while also making it clear. That’s the guy I always want to see.

He’s the guy who pops up more often than not in my fiction.

What about you? What kind of character do you like to see!