Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Luke and Seth make a reappearance.  See how the met here.**

Oh my God!”

I was up and running because the tone of that yell made me think that my boyfriend had injured himself and was currently bleeding all over the floor.  I raced toward the back of the house, knowing that the last place I had seen Luke was in the spare bedroom where I kept the computer.  My heart was pounding, adrenaline pouring through my veins, as I passed over the threshold.  Luke was staring in abject terror at the monitor.  His blue eyes were as wide as saucers, his pretty mouth hanging open.

“Babe?” I asked cautiously, keeping my voice low.  “What’s wrong?”

He raised a shaky hand–the one not clutching the mouse for dear life–and pointed at the screen.  I crept closer, my mind running through the possibilities of what horror he had seen or read that had caused him to yell like that.  Knowing him, it could be anything from the news that his favorite designer had decided to retire to an image of a dead puppy.

Before I was close enough to see, he whispered in a horrified voice, “How did he even get that up there?”

My gaze shot to the screen and for just a second, I was as appalled as Luke was.  Then I wrestled the mouse from his clenched fingers, and quickly closed the browser.  With the image gone, he breathed a sigh of relief.  His hands were still shaking as he lifted them to cover his face.  I let him have a moment to collect himself.

“A traffic cone, Seth.”  His voice was still filled with disbelief and shock.

Because he still had his face covered, I didn’t try to school my expression as my lips started to quirk.  “I saw.”

“Why would anyone think that is a good idea?” he mumbled.  He moved his hands down to press against his mouth, and kept his eyes shut tight.

I couldn’t help but release a small laugh.  Now that I knew he was okay, and the offending image was gone, the whole situation was kind of funny.

“This is why you aren’t allowed to look at porn by yourself,” I chastised playfully.

His head shot up, his eyes popping open as he glared.  “I can look at porn if I want to,” he responded petulantly.  Then a smile started to creep across his lips, ruining his anger.  He gave a sigh.  “Though how I keep finding stuff like that, I don’t know.”

“You certainly have a talent for it,” I responded with a shake of my head.  I reached out and took hold of his biceps, easing him up out of the chair.  He came willingly, and then lunged into my arms, burying his face down against my shoulder.  He gave an exaggerated shudder, and I knew he was getting over the shock of what he had just seen.  I rubbed my hands up and down his back.  He relaxed a little more, his arms snaking around my waist and holding on tight.

After several moments, I placed a kiss on his temple, and then slid my mouth down closer to his ear.  I gave the outer shell a teasing little lick.  “How about we make our own porn?”

He jerked back, and his gaze was angry.  “Are you serious?  After what I just saw, I don’t think I’ll be able to get it up for months!”

With deliberate slowness, I smoothed my hands down his back until I could grab a hold of his ass.  His gasp was loud as I jerked his hips forward until his groin was in full contact with mine.  He tried to struggle and weasel his way out of my arms, but there was no way I was letting him go.  I gave my best lecherous grin, and slowly started undulating my hips.  It took mere moments before I felt his cock start to plump up.

“Do not tell me that turned you on!” He shouted, his voice over-loud.  I could see real shock and disgust in his eyes, so I quickly shook my head.

“Babe, that didn’t do a thing for me,” I assured him softly.  “But you’re in my arms.  That always gets me hot.”

He tried to keep up his facade of discontent, but I could see it crumbling rapidly.  I lowered my head until my lips were just a fraction of an inch from his, but didn’t go any further.  He would have to give in.  Only when he’d decided that I was telling the truth could he have the kiss.  Luke gave a frustrated whine when I didn’t move any closer.  Finally he huffed out a breath, lifted on his toes, and pressed his mouth to mine.  The kiss was slow and languid and I let him lead.  But after just a  few minutes, he pulled back.

“Sorry,” he said, his tone half flippant, half apologetic.  “Traffic cone.”

I chuckled, and let him go.  No help for it if the image was going to keep popping up in his mind’s eye.  We’d try again later.  I turned to leave, but before I walked out, I tossed one order over my shoulder that was imperative if I ever wanted to get laid again.

“Stay off the porn sites.”

His answering chuckle wasn’t exactly reassuring.