Decisions, Decisions

What do you do when you think the short story you completed is actually meant to be something longer?

My characters talk to me. They tell me things. They tell me what they think and what they want to do. Sometimes, I have to wrangle them. But most of the time, it all works in everyone’s favor. Theirs and mine. I listen to them, they mostly behave, and in the end we get a story.

I thought I was done with the short. More revisions and tweaking needed, yes. But I thought the bulk of the story was done.


My boys are still talking. They are still telling me things that happen between them. Things that happen with other characters. And wouldn’t I be remiss if I didn’t explore that with them?

I’ve decided not to call the end on these guys. While I’m not completely sure it’s more than a short story, I’m not yet done with them either. I’m going to keep listening and see where it leads. Maybe these boys have a larger tale in them after all.