Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**By Request…sorta**

It was pitch black and raining.  The clouds obscured the moon and stars.  Any light that could have leaked through was masked by the dense trees.  Crouched low to the ground, I moved quickly as I could.  My heart was in my throat and I struggled to control my breathing.  Had to keep moving, had to keep going.  If I stopped, I’d be caught.  And then it would be all over.

The trees thinned out and I stood up and ran.  Silent as possible, I made a break for the edge of the forest.  If I could make it out, I would be free.  Frantic, panicked, I did my best to not to make a sound.  Slipping on the wet leaves, I bit my lip to keep from crying out as I went down hard.  I pressed my hand to my mouth and listened hard.  Somewhere to the left, I heard my pursuer moving through the detritus.  It was muffled, faint, so I knew he wasn’t too close.  I still had a chance.

Slowly, carefully, I stood.  Listening hard, I could hear him approaching.  My blood pounded, rushing through my veins.  I took a chance and slipped my cell from my pocket.  I was still in the dead zone, not even a half bar of service.  It would be no help.  I tucked it back in my pocked and began to move.

My pursuer was moving faster now and I had to get going or else he’d catch me.  I couldn’t allow that to happen.  My heart tripped into double time and I ran.  I didn’t care if I was making noise, alerting him to my presence.  I needed to get free.  It was my only thought.

His pace picked up to match mine.  The distance between us was closing rapidly.  But I could see the break in the trees now, knew I was almost free.  I put on a burst of speed.  But just as I reached the tree line, arms closed around me.  I screamed, fought against the constricting arms across my chest.  I kicked.  I clawed.  I arched my body and fought to free myself.  But there was no breaking free.  He had me.  I was at his mercy.

His breath was hot on my face when he put his lips to my ear.  “Gotcha.  You can’t get away from me.  You’re mine.”

I whimpered.  He pulled me tight against him and I felt his erection against my backside.  I fought not to react, not to let him know how that affected me.  But he knew.  He always knew.

“You’re mine,” he repeated.  I knew what he wanted but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.  One hand came up and cupped my throat while the other moved down grab hold of my semi-hard cock.  His fingers squeezed and I went limp in his hold.

“Yours,” I agreed.

He let me go, turned me around, and his grin was blinding in the dark.  I felt the answering grin stretch my own lips.  Leaning forward, I kissed him quickly.

“Next time, let’s not do this when it’s raining.  I’m soaked through.”

He gave a soft laugh.  “Then let’s get you home and out of those clothes,” he said, complete with a suggestive eyebrow waggle.  Like I didn’t already know exactly what he wanted.

I nodded fast and took his hand in mine.  Together we ran toward where we had parked the car.  Indulging him in his “chase” fantasy was easy.  I loved him.

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