It’s a Process

Being a new author, I had no idea what to expect from the whole getting published process.

There was an August first deadline for the Advent Calendar Anthology.  When I submitted my story for consideration, it was April.  I had four months to worry and wonder, to be anxious and nervous.  It definitely took it’s toll.  I was still writing, still creating during that time, but there was a part of my mind that was always thinking about Worth It and wondering if it would be accepted or not.  The deadline came and went and I knew contracts would be offered by August 20th.  It was the weekend before, on the 17th at about 11 o’clock at night when I got the email.  I had literally just shut down my computer and was settling into bed.  I reached over to shut off the light and there it was; the ding from my phone indicating that I had received and email.  Now, at this point, I didn’t expect it at all.  So when I clicked the icon and the email popped up, I screamed. The excitement just bubbled up and spilled over.  My first submission, and it was accepted.

After that, it was more waiting.  Waiting until I finally got the contract.  Signing it and returning it was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had to date.  Because it was physical proof that my dream of being a published author was coming true.  Waiting again until I got the first round of edits.  I was actually a bit scared to open that, because I was nervous about exactly what kind of edits my story would receive.  (It turned out I wasn’t as good at commas and conjunctions as i thought I was)  But it was a fairly painless process, mostly because it’s a short story and there wasn’t much to change content wise.  Waiting again for the second round of edits.  In the middle of that there were forms to fill out regarding the blurb for my story, and the author bio, All of it overwhelming in it’s own right.

On top of that, I had written a second story and submitted it for consideration.  So I was waiting to hear about that as well.

This is what I’ve learned: it’s a process.  Every little thing has a purpose.  I’ve tried to learn from each stage.  So that next time i’ll know what to expect.  or at least, have a better idea of what is going to happen.

But the other thing I learned is this: waiting for the answer , getting that acceptance email, it’s not any less nerve wracking nor any less exciting the second time around.  And I sure as hell hope that it never loses it’s power.    I never want to become complacent, to be less effected by the whole process.  I always want to be a bundle of nerves when I’m waiting to hear…and I always want to feel that thrill of excitement if my story gets accepted.

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