The Announcement

So I have some super exciting news!

Through a twist of fate, a little luck, and long hours of amazing discussion, Nell Iris and I have decided to write together!

What started as a simple question quickly snowballed. It’s amazing when you find a kindred spirit half way around the world. We clicked, right from the start, and we went from talking about writing a book together to planning a series. Nell and I played off each other so easily that the ideas just flowed; we were in sync from the start. We’re thrilled with the direction our idea has gone and we can’t wait to bring it to you. We’re sure you’re going to love our boys as much as we do.

I’m not going to say too much yet. We’re just getting started. But we have the first book planned, and ideas for the rest of the series. We’ve got some really awesome characters and a fun premise. Incorporating some of our favorite tropes, we’ve built a little world. And we know we’re going to have a blast playing in it.

Did I mention I’m excited? 😀

Look for news in the coming months as we get going!

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