Happily Overwhelmed

So recently I release two stories. Within a few days of each other. Again. It wasn’t exactly on purpose, but when you’re working with two different amazing publishers, it can happen. Of course, the first time it was the same publisher. And when it happens yet again in April, it’ll be both publisher but…anyway.

It’s a little overwhelming.

Also overwhelming is the wonderful and lovely reviews I’ve gotten for both Hero Worship and Ghost of a Chance. Readers are really enjoying them, and that makes me incredibly happy because it means I’ve done my job. All I want is to tell good, entertaining stories. And it seems like, for the most part, I’ve done that.

I’m not so good at promo, and I’m trying to get better. But I’m so grateful for everyone who has seen and purchased all my recent releases.

So a quick note about the Flash Fic Fridays. You may have noticed that one didn’t go up this past Friday, which is highly unusual when I’ve had a release. But there are a couple of reasons for that. The first is that Matt and Alex, from Hero Worship, already have five shorts to their names. Since the story is a rerelease, with just a bit of tweaking and polishing and still the same story, I already had their next stages. You can find all their shorts linked on the short stories page with the blurb and buy links. I’m thinking of putting all their shorts together in a free downloadable format. That way, anyone who wants to carry around Matt and Alex’s continuation can do so.

The second is in regards to Blake and Derek. I thought long and hard about whether to write them a flash or two, but I ran into a couple of obstacles. The first is that their story, as it is, is fairly complete. But the second, and the most important, is that Blake and Derek continue to show up as the series goes on. We get to see them a lot as the series continues. And because of that, I was having a hard time coming up with a story that didn’t inadvertently spoil upcoming story lines. So I’m not saying never with them, but I’m definitely saying not right now. We may see them, and other couples from Requiem Inc. once the series is complete. Or at least further along.

At any rate, there are buy links in the books page at the top for all my books and stories. So if you’re looking for a good, feel good, happy read, I’d be honored if you’d check them out.

And this Friday, we’ll have a flash fic featuring some new characters and a plot bunny put in my ear that I’m going to try to write.

And maybe that’ll help me get some writing mojo back.

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