What’s Going On

Okay, so a little update for all those who are interested.

–As I announced late last week, Lost Souls Found has been contracted and will be out next spring. I’m so excited about this story! I love series (as I’ve talked about before) and I’m thrilled with this book.

Somebody to Die For is in with the publisher. It’s the third in the Requiem Inc series. Waiting is hard!

–I’ve broken ground on a new story, which does not yet have a title (because titling is hard too!). This one has some heavier themes, but not too much, because this is me. The basic story has been percolating in my head for months now, and I finally had the missing piece to make it settle into place.

–And of course, upcoming releases!

*Hearts and Hazelnuts is out on November 29, 2017. I’ll be sharing cover and teasers very soon!

*A Timely Gift is part of the Advent Calendar. Individual release is December 1st, but if you’ve ordered the set, it’ll be a surprise one day in your inbox. (I adore this story more than I have words.)

*Ghost of a Chance is out in January. Dreamspun Beyond line. If you’ve got a subscription, it’ll arrive on release day. Otherwise, look for it on it’s own then. The cover is being designed now, and I can’t wait to see it. The love I have for this story is sort of ridiculous, but Blake and Derek were a long time coming, so I’m super excited. Plus, paperback!