I’m so very excited to announce that Lost Souls Found has been contracted! *confetti*

It’s the second book in the Requiem Inc series, which is part of the Dreamspun Beyond line.

So here’s a little background:

When I first conceived of the idea for the series, I knew there was a pair of brothers who both had the ghostwalker gene. Way back when, several years ago, Sam had a different name, but Michael was still Michael. And Sam pined for Michael in the very best way. So when I wrote Ghost of a Chance, I wrote in Sam having feelings for Michael not even knowing if I’d have a chance to write their story. But for me, it was integral to the characters. I put the feelings in, and hints as to Michael’s feelings as well, because I felt it needed to be there.

And then I took a chance and pitched it. Dreamspinner was on board with seeing it, so I wrote their story. And it was a challenge but in the best possible way. There was a lot I needed to accomplish with these guys, because of their connection and the length of time Sam had been crushing on Michael.

I think I succeeded in making it work. 🙂

I love these guys, and I love their story. They aren’t perfect by any means, and they both have some learning to do. But when they get to the end, they are solid in their love for one another, and in their life and future.

The book is slated for release in late spring, sometime in April or May of 2018. So those of you who read Ghost of a Chance, won’t have too long a wait to find out what happens to Sam and Michael!

I’m thrilled and excited. And I can’t wait for you to read this story.