The Siren Song of Sub Calls

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you’re probably well aware that I’m a total sucker for sub calls. When I see that submission call from a publisher, my brain starts working overtime. Well, not every call, not every time. But when there’s one that catches my interest, I’m powerless to resist.

On Friday, I saw one that intrigued. And after about two seconds, and just a touch of googling, I was struck smack in the face with an idea.

I had this character already in my head. I mean, sometimes I see a name or a trait, and it sparks a character. So this guy was already in my head, just kind of hanging out, waiting for a story to belong to, and for someone to love. And when I saw the call, he immediately jumped into the story, and the plot started revolving, and within minutes, I had the basics. And a very punny title that I love to pieces. And now, just a few days later, I already have the first two chapters written.

A good sub call is always going to be my kryptonite.

So that’s the story that has my focus at the moment. The one the muse is pushing me on. The one that I can’t stop thinking about. Even though just last week I started a new story, this one has taken precedence.

It’s called One in Vermilion. It’s the story of Tru and Wyatt. And their dogs. And their baggage. And how they are eventually going to fall in love.

And I basically love the crap out of it already.

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