The Things

So! I had a book release! You can find all the buy links here for Enchanted Love.

If you’re looking for a short, very fluffy, fairy tale-esque kind of story, about two guys who meet each other at the right time, and just click, then Eli and Chase might just be the guys for you. For those of you familiar with my work, this is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever written–even if there’s a good amount of heat too! Really, these guys are just lovely, and they love each other from almost the moment they meet. And I love them too.

I have this sort of tradition of taking release day off from the day job and spending the day working on something new while basking in the new release. But it was a Saturday, and after I took the pup for a walk, I was kind of in the mood to just chill. So that’s what I did. I read, I played some games, took a nap. And just generally enjoyed my Saturday, all the while feeling that happy feeling about my boys being out in the world. I don’t think that excitement is ever going to get old.

I hope it doesn’t anyway.

Another reason I didn’t write, though, is because I’m sort of stuck. I’ve had the next chapter in my head for a week or more now, but I can’t get the words on the page. The reason? I’m completely undecided as to whose POV the scene is from. I can make a good case for both my MCs and I see it from both POVs. Depending on who I choose, it could change the way the rest of the story is written. So I’m still trying to puzzle some things out before I get to the next step.

Also, still waiting to hear on other things.

So lots going on, lots coming up.