A World, Revisited

Two years ago…more than actually…I wrote a book. It was to be the first of a series, and there was magic and fairy-tale sweep-you-off-your-feet type love. There was a big bad looming. One of the MCs was one I’d had in my head, in one incarnation or another for years. I was totally digging this book, this series, and then…it all fell apart.

I can admit now that because of some feed back I’d gotten, I let my confidence crumble. And I now know that the source wasn’t as trustworthy as I thought, that they probably didn’t have my best interest in mind. In addition to that, I don’t think it was a good match, reading-taste wise. So it was all around a bad situation. But the book went on the shelf because at the time I thought it needed all the work ever and I just didn’t have the energy to do that. I let the bad words I was given outweigh the good ones I was given from other sources. It’s easier to believe the bad a lot of the time.

But that book and that character have never been far from my mind. I’ve thought about revising it a dozen or more times in the intervening years. I’ve even gone so far as to pull it up and read through it. But I’ve never done much with it.

Last week, there was a name that turned into a whole thing and I saw a character rather clearly in my head. And his potential boyfriend. And he was magic and there was all sorts of story things popping up. And then, like a flash of lightning, inspiration so brilliant and clear struck. I suddenly saw things perfectly, to the point where I sat up straight, eyes unfocused, as it all played out so I could see if it worked.

It did.

That book I wrote so long ago? Actually book two in the series. The book I conceived of after the name inspiration should be book one. With two more to follow after that.

So I pulled out that book and I revised some things that I knew I wanted to change. And I outlined book one, with the hope of beginning to work on it soon. For someone who is totally linear in thinking and writing, this is a strange concept to me. I know I’ll have more changes to book two depending on what happens in book one. And then it will inform book three to get to the grand finale in book four.

I hope.

I’m always a little leery of making plans (you know what happens when I do). Especially after I just finish writing a book, because my muse seems especially fickle and flighty during that time. I often have “rebound” affairs with several ideas before I can settle into a new relationship with a book and characters. But I want this to work, very much so. So I’m easing into it, trying not to rush. I don’t want this one to fizzle out and be nothing. I want this to be a long term relationship.

So that’s where I’m hoping to go next. Wish me luck.

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