I’m sort of riding the high of accomplishment right now.

I’ve finished the last of the edits on His Needs. Which is sort of a bittersweet thing because, you know, the guys are ready for the world and it’s time let them go. But I’m really proud of the story and I hope y’all love them too. There will probably be a few more wee tweaks but nothing substantial. They’re ready. And I’m pretty sure we’ll see them on the shelves in December. (details when I have them, I promise)

I’m ahead of my deadline for Want by, well, miles. When this one came together, it really took off. I wrote it in just over a month, which was faster than I anticipated. And then beta read it and got it back to me with notes fast too. And then the changes I needed and wanted to make flowed from my fingertips. I actually have leisure time with this one. I can put it away for a couple of weeks and come back to it with fresh eyes, really look at it and tweak as necessary there. When it goes to the editor, I expect a solid round of edits, and then to get that ready for the shelves.

And I’ve sorted out the next few things I’m ready to write. Again, that’s always subject to change. If I get into something and it’s not working, I’m willing to let it go rather than struggle with it. Two have gone by the wayside this year, because when I got into the nitty gritty, it was not working and/or it was unintentionally way too similar to other works out there. But I have the things I want to dig into next. The next one is one where I’ve had one of the characters in my head for a while, and I’ve finally figured him all out and found his story. The one after that has already changed from what I was certain it was.

So I’m on a writer’s high at the moment. And I’m going to ride it as long as I can. I’m almost ready to dive into the next one, which is a faster turn around than I’ve ever had. But I’m feeling good, and feeling like I’m writing good words. I intend to capitalize on that whilst I’m able. We all know it won’t last forever, my insecurity will come back to the fore, and I’ll feel like an impostor again. (Yes, even though I can think logically about it doesn’t mean I can keep from feeling that way)

At any rate, I’ve had some good accomplishments and I’m going to do my damnedest to keep it going!

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