Okay! So I’ve finally got all my ducks in a row…and my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed…and any other metaphor about getting my act together. So I’m finally getting the Something Like books back out there.

They aren’t that different. New covers of course, done by the lovely LC Chase. But the content remains unchanged. There are a few tweaks to some words. A sentence may be different here or there. A couple of places I’ve clarified just a little. But the content remains unchanged. If you have the previous versions of these titles, there’s absolutely no reason to purchase the new ones. I didn’t add anything extra, I didn’t make any drastic changes. They are all the same stories.

But I didn’t want them to linger in no man’s land. I want them to be available for anyone who wants to pick them up. So I’m getting them back out on the shelf. You’ll be able to find them on Amazon and on ARe on July 1st. I don’t have all the buy links yet. Look for those soon.

I have to admit that I’ve been having a great time revisiting these boys. It’s lovely to be reminded of their journey, and I’m really been enjoying reading through them again. These guys all have a special place in my heart for different reasons. I’ve loved watching them fall in love again.

Like I said, if you’re read them already, then you’re good. But if you have yet to give them a try, I hope you will. They’ll be up for pre order within the next couple of days and release on July 1st.

And yes. I am still planning on writing Something Like Want…and the fifth book…just as soon as I can get the muse to cooperate. I haven’t abandoned them. I’m just getting pulled in a different direction at the moment. I even managed to get the story started and a bunch of words on the page. But the guys from Want are in my head, though they’ve taken a backseat. Their story will definitely make it onto the page.

And in the meantime, the other three will be available once again!

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