Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Did you get a chance to read Love and Cupcakes? Book tab at the top has all the buy links. But in the meantime, let’s check in with Evan and Mal again. Enjoy!**

I wouldn’t let him bring the frosting to bed.

I was all for sexy fun times including the decadent confection, but there was no way I wanted it all over the bed. Though sheets could be washed, last night had shown me that things could get rather…vigorous between us. I didn’t want to be cleaning frosting off the mahogany headboard. Mal had pouted about it for about ninety seconds. But then I showed him how much fun the kitchen could be. Bleaching the table and mopping the floor was a lot easier. And needed to be done anyway after our baking session the night before.

I wet a cloth and tossed it to Mal where he was sprawled out on the kitchen floor. He grinned shakily and slowly lifted it to clean off his dick.

“How did you do that?” he asked, his voice a mixture of exhaustion and awe.

I smiled cheekily. “I really like frosting.”

Mal burst out laughing and I joined in, waggling my eyebrows at him and adding, “And I have no gag reflex.”

Mal’s laughter cut off, and apparently the post sex stupor was all an act because he surged up from the floor and captured me before I could take one step. He pulled me in close, holding me tightly, and then backed me against the counter so he could press fully up against me. Pressing his face down against the crook of my neck, he breathed deeply for a long moment before he gave my skin a soft kiss.

I reveled in the closeness. We’d had an amazing night, but had spent the better part of the day at his grandfather’s 80th birthday party. It had been amazing. I knew his family as well as my own, and I loved spending the very special day with them. But it was made even more important by Mal telling anyone who asked that he and I had finally gotten our act together were a couple now. The fondness on his face when he looked over at me when he said it did funny things to my heart. But as awesome as the day had been, we hadn’t gotten to spend that much time actually together and I was craving the closeness.

“We should have done this years ago,” Mal said softly as he lifted his head. Lust and love shone in his eyes, and my heart picked up it’s pace with the surge of adrenaline seeing it caused.

“I was hoping for it,” I confessed. I’d never kept anything from Mal, except for my desperate attraction to him, and now that it was out in the open, it was like a huge weight I didn’t know I was carrying had been lifted.

He kissed me softly, but it was still full of heat and want, and when he pulled away, I whimpered and tried to follow. He chuckled affectionately, and cupped my face in his big hands so I was forced to meet his gaze.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see it for so long.” His apology was heartfelt, but I shook my head. Well, as much as his grip would allow.

“Nothing to be sorry for. You weren’t ready. You didn’t see me that way.” I took a deep breath. “And now you do. So it’s all good.”

He growled playfully, and pulled me in tightly so not even a breath of air could get between us. “It’s gonna be so good. I love you, Evan.”

“And I love you,” I said sincerely. And then grinned as I wiggled out of his embrace. “Now. If you can get it up again, I expect you to fuck me hard over the side of the bed while you say it. Repeatedly.”

I took off down the hall with Mal right on my heels. He was my best friend and my love. I didn’t need anything else.