Okay, well, 3/4 finished.

I was doing the happy dance on Saturday! I had taken a couple of days off last week, to celebrate the release of Love at Roades End (yay!) and I did that by writing on my new story. I had some other stuff to do to, and I got a little anxious about writing one part, so I was a little bit of a slacker and didn’t get it done then. But with some work in the evenings and then a few hours Saturday morning, I finished it!


That’s always a spectacular feeling. I feel very accomplished. (I also have that deep down dread that it’s all bad words and needs to be rewritten, but that’s my process. Can’t change it!) But it’s now complete and tweaked, and a couple people are going to give it a read for me, and then I’ll edit some more. In the next several weeks, I hope to have it ready for submission so I can send it off. And then comes the nearly unbearable waiting to hear if it’s accepted and then more waiting until its time for edits and publication. (It wouldn’t be out until at least December.) But that’s a whole other blog post.

At any rate, it’s finished and now it’s just time to fix and fiddle until it’s good. So I’ll be doing that over the next few weeks, while I also figure out which story I want to start writing next…

(Keep an eye on the WIPs page for details and progress)

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