Washin’ and Wonderin’

It might be weird, but I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

It’s not as strange as it sounds. At least, I don’t think. Because when I’m in the shower, I have two things working for me that allow my mind to wander. The water pouring down turns into white noise, and then I’m easily able to block out the outside world. And I don’t have to think about what I’m physically doing. Muscle memory has me repeating the washing steps–hair, body, face–without much input from higher brain function. With these two things combined, that plotting part of my brain is able to just go off anywhere it wants to.

I’ve been struck my true inspiration while getting clean. I’ve untangled plot snares and figured out how to patch over plot holes. I’ve created whole new worlds and characters in the span of a ten minute shower. I’ve even been known to get in the shower when I’m particularly stuck and can’t make my mind work, just to see if it shakes things loose.

The point? This morning’s shower was productive besides just getting myself clean. I know have characters, and the first scene, of a new work. Or rather, those things that have been percolating have now solidified into real, tangible things. If it continues apace, it’ll be the next on on the docket. There are things about it that I really love, and I’m looking forward to writing this one.

In other news, internal edits still continue on His NeedsĀ and after I shape it up nice and pretty, I’ll submit it for consideration. Watch this space for updates!