I had a fairly productive weekend! I didn’t make much progress on the WIP because I was writing and sending off guest posts for Love at Roades End.  It’s just over a week till release (yay!) and next week and through the weekend, I’m stopping in at some great sites to share a little about my process and my inspiration for this lovely little short. I have to admit that it was kind of daunting to write all those guest posts, but also a little bit fun.

I’ll post links next week to where I’m going to be on my mini blog tour. And one of the stops has an original flash fic too!

But Sean and Hunter, the boys of Roades End, didn’t get all the the attention this past weekend. Sure, they got a lot of it, but that’s because they’ll soon be out in the world and I want people to know about them, should they choose to spend a little time with them. Travis and Noah got some brain time too, and though I didn’t manage to get a lot of words on the page there, I was thinking and head-writing. These guys are at about the two-thirds mark, and they are starting to find their feet, so I don’t want to leave them hanging. I expect to get their story finished within the next couple of weeks.

So look for Love at Roades End in a week from tomorrow! And know that other things are on the horizon as well.

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