No to NaNo

I learned a couple of years ago that I could, in deference of everything else but work, write 50k words in ten days. That was exciting. I also learned that I absolutely cannot work that way and if the finished project needs a complete rewrite, then for me, there’s no point it writing it the first time. 

It works for others but not for me. 

I need to edit and tweak as I go. I need to fix things and delete entire paragraphs/scenes/chapters. I can’t just write and keep going no matter what because I write myself into corners I can’t get out of. So it’s not an approach that I like, and it causes me anxiety when I think about it. 

I’m not doing NaNo this year. But I see a lot of people who are. Rock on, authors. May the muse be with you. I’ll be writing with you. Just not the same way. 

6 thoughts on “No to NaNo”

  1. I actually think that NaNo thing is a waste of time *shrugs*
    I’m not remotely interested in it. I say do what works for you and the hell with the rest

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    1. I think that it provides a fun motivation for a lot of people. I think there’s a lot to be said for the social aspect of it too. But yeah, as fun as that is, the actual writing process that way doesn’t work for yours truly.


    1. Snort. NaNo is short of NaNoWriMo, which is also short for National Novel Writing Month. November. There’s a whole campaign and the way you’re supposed to do things, to write 50k words in a moth. A lot of authors, and aspiring authors, participate.


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