No to NaNo

I learned a couple of years ago that I could, in deference of everything else but work, write 50k words in ten days. That was exciting. I also learned that I absolutely cannot work that way and if the finished project needs a complete rewrite, then for me, there’s no point it writing it the first time. 

It works for others but not for me. 

I need to edit and tweak as I go. I need to fix things and delete entire paragraphs/scenes/chapters. I can’t just write and keep going no matter what because I write myself into corners I can’t get out of. So it’s not an approach that I like, and it causes me anxiety when I think about it. 

I’m not doing NaNo this year. But I see a lot of people who are. Rock on, authors. May the muse be with you. I’ll be writing with you. Just not the same way.