It’s the Little Things

I’ve got a new chair.

I’ve needed one for a while now.  A long while.  A really long while.  When I get in the writing zone, it’s not uncommon for me to spend hours upon hours with my ass planted in the chair, bad posture and all, writing away.  The only time I get up is when I have to pee.  And the chair I had?  Well, it wasn’t the best of chairs.  My ass would go numb.  My back would start to hurt horrendously.  I have a bad tendency to pull my feet up underneath me, and they would fall completely asleep…and then I’d need to get up because of the numb ass and the back pain and the full bladder, but I couldn’t actually go anywhere because I couldn’t feel my feet.

It was, to say the least, not the most ideal of situations.

But quality costs money, and a lot of stuff is horrendously overpriced anyway, and I kept putting it off in favor of other more necessary things.  Like car repairs and bills and yes, even a weekend away with my sister.  But it was just getting worse, not better, and it was starting to be really difficult for me to keep my bum in the chair and write.  Plus, I now have the new arrangement, the writing nook of awesome, and I wanted to be incredibly productive.  It was time to buck up, get the chair, and suffer with a lack of funds if I had to.

Oh, but there was a sale!  There was a really good sale, and a chair that when I sat in it, felt like heaven.  It cradled my poor body and I just wanted to sit and sit and sit.  I could pull my feet up comfortably.  It supported my back at exactly the right spots.  It was even better than the one I actually went to buy, and just a wee bit cheaper too.  It took me minutes to make my decision.

I bought the chair.

I put it together in about thirty minute and rolled it over and sat and I am so happy.  I can sit for hours with nothing going numb and nothing hurting.  I’m sort of pissed at myself that I waited so long.  I just keep telling myself the time wasn’t right, and it was supposed to be now.  So I could get this chair that feels like it was made for me at a price I could afford.

It seems silly that a little thing like a chair makes all the difference but it does.

4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things”

  1. What great timing, finding out there was a sale on! We’ll expect you to be super productive now you’ve got your writing corner sorted and a new chair!

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  2. Good chairs are so worth it, I hate chairs that make my back achy and my no-butt hurt. No good! Glad you got it and are all comfy now!

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    1. I think you don’t have a butt because you literally have run it off!

      but yes, good chairs are very worth it And thanks! I’m glad too. lol


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