A Recap

So the year is just about half gone, and it’s turned out to be quite a year for me.

Last year, I didn’t do so well on the writing front.  A lot more got shelved and forgotten than actually written.  In the end, I actually managed to write two thing, both of which were slated for release this year.  One was Pumpkin Rolls and Porn Sounds, released back in February.  The other is Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love, available on Monday as an individual title.  Of course, if you’ve already gotten the entire Daily Dose, it’ll show up sometime during the month.

Incidentally, I get a serious kick out of Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love.  There’s a lot inside that…well, let’s say it’s a bit self indulgent, and I love it, and I hope y’all enjoy the heck out of it too.  The Admiral has already geared the challenges for June toward Ben and Zack, so if you enjoy them, check back here on Fridays, and see more of their story.

While I was waiting on, and working on edits for, DWLYL, I wrote Something Like Hope.  In a whirlwind twist of fate, that one was submitted, accepted, and slated for publication super fast.  That’ll be out at the end of June, and I’m really looking forward to that one as well.  I started writing that one with a vague notion and a submission call in my head, some pushing from the Admiral, and a desire to see those guys find their HEA.  In the end, they did, and I fell in love with them along the way.

I’m hard at work on the sequel, Something Like Trust (which has morphed into something different than I originally intended, but better in this incarnation, I believe).  Right now it’s only a fifth written, really, but I know where it’s going and what’s going to happen, I have my vague outline (which just got revamped last night), and an self/Admiral imposed deadline to get it done.  It’ll be fine.

Couple other things that happened this year so far?

Well, I learned that I actually write better when I have my plot all written out, as long as I keep it vague enough for some wiggle room and I don’t beat myself up if I veer off course.  Having it all written out means that I can see plot holes better, and I can see where things need to change.  This has been working phenomenally well so far.

I’d gotten some requested for stories, and that in turn sparked ideas, and I actually took the time to write out a “schedule” of sorts.  Really, it’s a list of what I want to write and where each thing is in the queue.  Now, so far I’m sticking to it but I’m only on the second item.  But at any rate, this thing is really working for me to, as it acts as incentive.

I quit smoking.

I rearranged my space, and it is now more conducive to writing.  I’m enjoying the hell out it.  The new space, the super awesome comfortable chair, and the table with the tea in the corner.  I have all I need, and it’s making a difference, I think.

So, all in all, this year has been a good one for me.  And I’m working hard to keep that momentum going.