The Series

I’m almost entirely certain I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  I love series.  Love them.  I love reading books that follow the same two MCs as their relationship grows and changes, as they face new obstacles and overcome them.  I really love reading books that have different MCs tied together by a town, or friendships, or family, or any other manner of things.  I love getting the story of guys I’ve met before in previous books, and I love that, more often than not, we also get to check in with the previous MCs to know that they are still happy and in love.  So I love reading series, and I will pick up a series if it seems interesting and start reading until I run out of books.  It gives me a great deal of joy.

I love reading them, but I have yet to write one.

(Well, that’s not entirely true, years ago I did write a series, but it’s not very good at all.)

The Something Like series falls into the second category.  They characters are linked by a town and a TV show, but each book features a new set of MCs.  I had the next two books in the series plotted out practically before I finished writing Something Like Hope. But I decided I wouldn’t start writing the following books until I was sure that the first one had a home.

It does, and it’ll be out at the end of June.  And that means that I’ve started work on Something Like Trust.  It was originally book three, but as I was plotting things out and finishing book one, I realized it would work a lot better as book two, timewise.  I have the first chapter written.  I am gung ho and full steam ahead to write more.  That will be my focus for the next couple of months.

And yes, once I’ve got that written and done, I’ll be writing Something Like Love.

Will there be more after that?  Well, that remains to be seen.  There’s a vague idea for maybe a fourth, but I make no promises at this juncture.

What I can promise is that if you read Something Like Hope, you’ll have at least two more books to read afterwards.  Characters that have shown up and made themselves known, and begged for their own story.  Character who I can see clearly and know their path to the HEA.  I’m excited to bring them to you. And I hope you’ll love my guys as much as I do.  Because they’ve wormed their way into my heart and aren’t letting go.

And from a writing standpoint, not letting go of the world means I don’t have to have a mourning period before beginning something new.  Its the same place, and though I’m currently in a different guy’s head, I can still visit with my guys, and know they are doing fine.

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