It’s All His Fault

Okay, wait, to be fair, I do take 12% of the blame.  I found the sub call in the first place.  But without his insistence encouragement, the story I’m working on right now wouldn’t be getting written.  I’d have abandoned it more than ten thousand words ago and moved on to something else. I would have decided that this story wasn’t worth telling.  If he wasn’t demanding it get written encouraging me along, I honestly would have given up.  I’d hit a bad patch, and I felt like I wasn’t prepared to write it.  I felt I wasn’t capable of telling this story.  He called bullshit, and pulled out his stern voice, and told me to stop making excuses and just write.

So I am.

He’s pretty much the only one to kick my ass.  Which is why he’s the Admiral.  Most everyone else is great at helping me make excuses.  Which, if I’m honest, I love.  They agree that it must be the story’s fault, not mine, and that it’s okay if I put it aside and don’t work on it.  But not him.  Oh no.  If I’m in need of asskicking, he does it without hesitation.  Which is, in reality, a very good thing.

So I’m writing this story because he wants me to.  But as I’m writing it, I’m falling in love with these boys and their story.  These guys are worming their way into my heart, and I’m actually very much enjoying them and their journey.  I’ve gotten to that place where I’m all full steam ahead, let’s get it written, I want to see this through all the way.  And I love that feeling.  So, as usual, the Admiral was right.  But that doesn’t make it any less his fault.

Of course, this time he’s even taken it one step further.  This time it’s not only just about the current story, but about the sequel with a secondary character that he’d like to see.  Will I indulge him that sequel?  Yeah, probably.  Because I already have the plot bunny and a very basic plot outline.  But I have to get this one written first.

So that’s what I’m doing.

But I’m still placing the blame squarely on his shoulders.

6 thoughts on “It’s All His Fault”

  1. :D. That Admiral, he’s a demanding brat! Good thing we like him that way! Glad he’s kicking your ass so I get to read the newest boys! I’m greedy! Go Iv!

    Liked by 1 person

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