Full Steam Ahead

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I haven’t put any substantial words on the page in a few days.  Well, five is a few right?  Part of that, in all honesty, was the lazy showing through.  Part of that was me not managing my time well and having other things that needed to get done, and having to cram them together to get them done.  And one of those days was my birthday, on which I did nothing at all.  And a part of that was that I had edits for Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love and that’s important too, because that will be out in June!  But still, it’s been five days and I haven’t written much at all.

I hope I’ve learned my lesson this time.  I mean, really, it’s not the first time I’ve let procrastination and a bit of laziness dictate my life and cause me trouble.  I’ve gotten better about it in years past, but every once in a while, I fall back into bad habits.  I’m sure it’ll will sneak up on me again, but I’m hoping next time, when I start to get that way, I can say to myself “Remember what happened in March?!” and make myself do what I should.   I’m not quite over the hump yet, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I should be able to get things squared away and back on track by the end of the week.

Which is why I say full steam ahead.  These guys, Aaron and Lucas, are itching to get to the meat of their story, and I’m almost–but not quite–to the half way point in their story.  And though I haven’t written the words on the page, I haven’t been neglecting them completely.  There has been plotting and some notes.  I sorted out a secondary character who’s about to make his appearance with the help of some friends who know much more about things than I do.  And if all goes according the plan, this will be a trilogy, connected by the world, and that secondary character will see his own story as well.  So I have been doing a wee bit of work.  Though I know it’s not enough.

At any rate, I’ve pretty much got the other parts of my life squared away, and a few more days will have that completely seen to.  And when it does, there we go.  Diving back into the world and writing this story.  I’m exciting to get back to it.  I left them hanging on the verge of a change, and I’m as anxious as they are to get them moving forward.