Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**This week’s challenge was a little bit more difficult, and I groaned when the challenge director said cheating and Kim Kardashian. Hope I did all right!  Enjoy!**


As soon as Connor’s attention was diverted for just a split second–the dog was terribly amusing after all–Luke discarded from his hand. He took a deep breath, and then as calmly as possible, said, “Uno.”

Connor’s gaze snapped back to Luke, his stare assessing and sharp. After a long second of tense silence where Luke tried not to squirm, Connor shook his head. “Not possible.”

Luke held up the one card he had left in his hand as proof. Connor wasn’t buying it though, and he reached toward the discard pile. Luke swallowed hard.

“You want a blow job?” Luke asked quickly. Not that it was a hardship, but Luke would do anything to distract Connor right now so that he didn’t–

“Cheater,” Connor accused with a growl. He spread the top few cards out. Clearly they were not in the right order, the colors and numbers not matching at all. Caught, Luke blushed and reached out to take them back. But Connor closed his hand over the top of the pile and shook his head again. “Nope. Cheating equals losing.”

“No! Come on, Connor,” Luke whined in protest. But his man would not be disuaded. And really, Luke should have known better. He shouldn’t have actually made the bet in the first place. But the challenge in Connor’s bright green eyes had been too much to resist, he had agreed, and then, when it looked like he was about to lose, he’d tried to cheat his way out of it. He had to accept his fate.

Connor must have seen the resignation on Luke’s face, because he smiled. “You going to be a good boy and hold up your end of the bargain?”

Luke nodded, a little whine escaping. He didn’t want to. He really didn’t. But he wouldn’t welsh on the bet.

Connor’s smile widened. “Good. Go on then. We leave in an hour.”

Luke thought about offering sex in order to get himself out of it, but he knew he’d get that anyway, and it wouldn’t stop Connor from insisting on the bet being paid. He pushed back from the table and shuffled to the back bedroom.


Thirty minutes later, Luke straightened his long, dark wig, took one last look at his makeup, and emerged from the room. He wobbled a little on the four inch, silver platform heels. He kept one hand on the wall as he sauntered down the hallway, trying to get that hip rolling walk that made walking in heels so much easier. Connor was waiting for him in the living room. The man gave him an appraising look.

“Your ass is crooked,” Connor said, a smile in his voice.

“Yeah, well,” Luke huffed. “That padding is difficult. Come fix it.”

Connor did, then walked around Luke giving him another once over. His smile was huge. “You make a better Kim Kardashian then the real deal.”

Luke blushed. He was never going to live this down. It wasn’t even Halloween. Stupid bet. Next time, Luke would be smart enough not to bet against Connor, not when the price was something like this. But he held his head high, and grabbed on to Connor’s arm. Because the truth was that yes, he made a hell of a good Kim Kardashian.

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