Lost that Lovin’ Feeling

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately.  A lot of “have to” instead of “want to.”  The stories that I’ve tried to tell have not been working well.  I’ve been unhappy with the words I’ve been putting on the page.  What I want to say is not coming through clearly. My characters aren’t cooperating.  I’ve begun and abandoned about three different things.  It’s a terrible rough patch.  And I’ve decided to take a wee break.

Because I’m not feeling the love of the story, or my boys, and it  makes the writing tedious and trite and forced.

It’s hard to take a step away.  Writing is one of those things that drives me, that makes me whole.  The voices in my head need somewhere to go.  But I’m not feeling it, and so I’m unhappy with my words.  I tried to keep writing anyway, but that wasn’t working.  So the only other option is to walk away.

But just for a bit.  Now that the pressure is off, I feel a weight has been lifted.  So I’m going to ride this for a little while, and let my brain rest, and take the time to improve on the technical bits about writing.  And I’m confident that when my little hiatus is over, I’ll be able to jump back into writing with the passion I’ve had in the past.

Flash Fic’s are still going to happen.  You’ll still see them here every Friday.  And of course, the lovely and exciting Flash Fic Holiday Blog hop  story will go up as well.  I’m so excited about that I can barely contain myself.  And my novella, Pumpkin Rolls and Porn Sounds will release in a couple of months.  And that is thrilling beyond belief and I hope that y’all love Will and Joshua as much as I do.

But in the meantime, a step back, so I can get that lovin’ feeling back again.

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