Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

The air was cool but the sun was bright, beating down on my shoulders and keeping me warm as I stood on the back deck. Our backyard wasn’t big, but the lawn was lush and I had dug in a koi pond earlier in the summer. It was peaceful to stare out at our small expanse. I was in desperate need of some peace right now.

Behind me, I heard the door slide open but I didn’t turn around. I didn’t say anything either. Just waited and worked at keeping my calm.

“What’s wrong with you?” Quinn asked, his voice dark and concerned.

My only answer was a shrug.

“Dammit Ben,” he said with a frustrated sigh. “Is this about what I said last night?”

I shook my head even though it really was. I thought I knew him, inside and out. We’d been together for six years and had been married for the past two. But last night I had learned something new. Something so shocking that I couldn’t believe that this was the same man I’d given my heart to.

Tense silence stretched between us. He walked up beside me and leaned his slightly smaller frame against me. Automatically, I lifted my arm to pull him in close. He gave a relieved sigh and blinked his bright blue eyes at me.

“I love you,” he said quietly, but there was a fervor beneath his words that warmed my heart.

“I know,” I responded in the same tone. “I love you too. That hasn’t changed. I just can’t believe I didn’t know this about you. I feel…well, shocked and disappointed I think.”

Quinn’s scowl really was adorable, but the anger underneath it was really. “Oh for fuck’s sake! It’s just a TV show.”

I shook my head rapidly. “Star Trek is not just aTV show!”

His grin was rueful. “I love you,” he repeated. “And I love how much you love those shows. How you know the most random and arcane bits of trivia. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean everything between us has to end.”

He was teasing. And I knew I was taking my emotions too far. I wasn’t being exactly logical. But then again, it wasn’t often that I was. I grimaced anyway, playing along. “Yes, well, I’m not so sure about that.”

He laughed, understanding I wasn’t serious and cuddles in tighter. One if his hands crept under my t-shirt and he ran his fingers through the trail of hair on my belly.

“How about this?” He suggested softly. “How about you forgive me for my heinous indiscretion, I promise I’ll never say a bad word about the show, and we forget this whole thing and I take you to our bed and fuck you hard?”

I gave a very put upon sigh, and rolled my eyes for effect. “All right. Fiiiiine.”

He grinned wickedly, and my heart stuttered in my chest. He buried his fingers in my shirt and used his hold to drag behind me back into the house.

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