The amazing thing

A couple of months ago, I submitted a short story to a sub call for an anthology. I waited. I fretted. And finally, I got word. They weren’t going to include it in the anthology, but instead asked me to expand it some so they could publish it as a standalone novella.

Needless to say, I kind of freaked out.

It was not a matter of just adding words and then sending it back in. The story was complete as it was. So I needed to figure out what scenes to add that would enhance the original story.

In the end, it took me four days to write a little more than 4k words. And there was a part of me that wanted to add more. But I had to tell the story that was meant to be told and I didn’t want to just add fluff or filler. When I was satisfied, I resubmitted it.

And it was accepted.

I’ll have details when release gets closer but it’s going to be awhile. That’s okay though. Because I have a novella that’s slated for release!

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