You’re My Inspiration

The release of Dr. Feelgood is only two weeks away!  Huzzah!  You can check it out here.  On February 10th, the anthology goes live in both ebook and paperback formats.  An anthology of 14 short stories centered around those in the medical profession.

My contribution, Hero Worship, is about Alex Sullivan, a paramedic, and Matt Carter.  They are brought together by a bee and a scheming best friend.  In the end, they find love (of course!).

I will fully admit that the idea for this story was sparked when I saw the submission call.  It was in the back of my mind when one day, drinking my morning coffee, the opening scene flashed in my head.

Paramedics have always been a fascination for me.  I even contemplated being on at one time, when I discovered that I could actually stand up in an ambulance.  My sister has a friend who was a paramedic for a lot of years before he moved to the fire department and when I needed a little clarification on some things, he helped out.  Rest assured that my information is accurate…at least for my area.  I am aware that things differ within companies and areas.  After the draft was complete and tweaked with the help of my awesome beta, I sent it off.  A few weeks later, I was told it would be included in the anthology.

Hearing that news is never going to get old.

So this one was inspired by a submission cal.  But really, any little thing can inspire me.  Like someone showing up at the door when they aren’t supposed to and waking you up.  And that right there is what sparked my current WIP.