The List

Here’s the thing: in my life, I can’t use the word “plan.”  You see, if I plan something, no matter what it is, it invariably goes to shit and the plan falls apart.  So, I try not to make plans, per se, as there is little point.  Either life, or my own idiocy, gets in the way.

But I do make lists.

I love lists.  They help to keep me focused and I get quiet satisfaction from being able to cross things off the list.

Now, I didn’t want to plan out my writing schedule for the upcoming year.  If I did, it would a recipe for disaster.  Instead, I combed through the plot bunnies and made a detailed list of the things that I want to write.  And while they are in no particular order, I do intend to focus on some before the others.

Right now, I’m working on the first thing on my list.  A short story that may or may not turn into a novella.  Also on the list? Rewriting Postcards from start to finish, writing another book that takes place in the same world with a MC we met as a secondary character in Postcards, a paranormal novella, and there is tentatively a contemporary novel skirting the edges of my brain that’s on the list as “That one about the guy.”

Trust me, I know what that means 😉

At any rate, I’m writing and editing.  It’s nothing too groundbreaking, I assure you. In February, Hero Worship will be released in the Dr. Feelgood anthology from Dreamspinner Press.  More details on that as the date gets closer.

The list will, undoubtedly, grow and change as the plot bunnies start hopping.  But that’s all right.  That is the way of it.  In the meantime, I have the list to help keep me focused.