Road Trippin’

Went on a trip this weekend.

The amazing thing about trips is the absolute fodder for plot bunnies.  I was a passenger so I had plenty of time to work out some stubborn plot points.  But even more than that, there were plenty of more little bunnies being born as I was people watching.  The rod trip took us on the thruway…so there were rest stops.  Have you ever noticed how many different kinds of people you see at a rest stop?  My brain was scrambling to pick up on all the little nuances of all the different sorts of people.  And when I finally made it home, I was scrambling to write little paragraphs of my experiences so that I could use them for future tales.

I’m pretty fortunate.  I can get inspired by the tiniest of things.  Of course, that’s also a bit of a curse, as it means I’m constantly having “possible” stories running ’round my brain.  Now my task becomes sorting out what I do have and seeing if I can write a story.

That’s what I’m working on now.

I always need to write what’s in my brain.  And I’m slowly learning that just because I thought something was next up on the block, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Sometimes, other characters are louder and more vociferous.  And those are the ones that need to make it onto the page.  Sometimes, that means other characters have to take a back seat.

I thought I was going to write the sequel to Postcards next.  I already began working on my Scottish adventure.  But perhaps that guy I saw at the first rest stop needs his story told first.  But no matter what it is, I am writing and working on a new tale.  Have no doubt about that.

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