Rabbit Stew

The muse has been wrangling all sorts of plot bunnies lately.  A handful of them, at least.  And I sort of didn’t know what to do with them all.  I’m really a “one thing at a time” person.  When I try to work on multiple stories at once, invariably, one always gets left behind or part of something sneaks into another and it’s just a mess.  So, I’ve been fighting with the muse because there’s no way I can handle all the things coming my way at once.  But she came up with a solution.  She’s taken a bunch of bits from all the plot bunnies and made rabbit stew.  And now there are just two distinctly different plots.  And one of them is distinctly happy to wait patiently until I get around to it.

NaNoWriMo was an enlightening experience.  I learned that I can get a massive amount of words on the page in a short time.  But I also learned that, perhaps, that’s not the best way for me to write.  Because having all the words on the page is making it difficult for me to edit it.  Personally, I’m having trouble seeing what needs to be changed to make the story work as a whole.  I loved the experience and I probably will do it again.  But I also know that that rest of the time?  I’ll write more like I have done in the past.  Write a bunch, go back and edit it, and then move forward.

I’m working on edits for Postcards this week, as I have time off from the day job.  But I’m also taking that insistent plot bunny, the one that can’t wait, the one that is most of the rabbit stew and getting it on the page.  Turns out, that when one story is done and I’m beginning another, it’s not distracting to work on edits on the first.  But, for me, polishing is the hard work.  So it’s nice to have some easy work of crafting a story while I’m at it.