Mages and Mates

When I wrote that first flash fic for Gareth and Owen, I never expected this to turn into a whole thing. But it has. The world building has grown and expanded. Characters have taken on a life of their own. Stories have gotten more involved than I ever anticipated. I love spending time here with the characters I’ve created. And I love throwing them up on the blog.

But I also really want to see where these stories can go.

To that end, I’m going to self publish these stories. With the state of the publishing world for this genre such as it is, I’ve wanted to delve deeper into self-pubbing. So Gareth and Owen and Lane and Walker are going to get a professional polish, go through editing, get covers and new titles, and be available for a wider audience. I will be adding some new content, things that I’ve kept out of the stories to keep them SFW, as well as some additional development scenes.

My number 1 goal as an author is to provide enjoyable entertainment to readers. But this is also my career, and I have to think about that part of it as well. And while my original intent was to keep these stories free here on the site, ultimately this series has grown bigger than that. I hope everyone can understand that.

So what does that mean for stories here? The stories will remain available here on the blog until the end of the year. After that, I will be removing them so they can have a new home elsewhere. It is absolutely my intent that Aeron…and others…will get books as well. Just not here on the site.

But don’t worry. Because there will still be flash fics on Fridays here. Some of them will be actual one shots, some will probably be shorter serials. You’ll still get plenty of free content, I promise.