Mages and Mates

Do I need to tell you how much I enjoy reading and writing series again? No, I didn’t think so.

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that this is going to be a whole thing. When I wrote the first episode of Gareth and Owen, I had intended, whole-heartedly, for it to be a one shot. Literally just Gareth summoning his familiar and surprise, it’s a shifter instead! That was it. But it ended up being a whole-ass thing. A 13 part serial story. And in the process, of course, Aeron was there and obviously Lane.

So it’s not only a serial, but a series. I’m enjoying it so much I intend to continue. Because Aeron obviously needs his story. And then….well, maybe other people too. I like this world I created, and I love that I can just throw out episodes when the muse strikes (though I do try to be fairly consistent, barring life.)

So it’s a thing now. And it will continue to be a thing. We’re calling it the Mages and Mates series.

In that vein, I’ve done a few things to make navigation here easier. Somehow, in all the time I’ve spent here, updating and reorganizing and changing colors and themes and pictures et al…I’ve never noticed that the tags aren’t in the sidebar. So I fixed that. Now you can click on any one of those and it’ll take you to the fic or just the serials or any other tag. So that should make things a bit easier, even if they are in reverse order, so you’d have to scroll to bottom to start at the beginning.

I’ve also gone through and made sure both serials are ALSO tagged with the Mages and Mates tag. And that all the other tags are correct as well. While I know the categories are helpful when searching, the tags are even more specific, so hopefully that helps as well.

So continue to enjoy the stories and the series and I’ll keep writing!