New and Notes

Okay so it’s been about a month since I’ve posted anything. No flash fics. No updates. It’s not because I’ve not been working on stories. But man…

So the EDJ is kicking my butt these days. I’m still working overtime, and the job itself is sometimes tedious. At the end of the day, I don’t have much mental capacity left and I need to focus on certain things. Unfortunately, that means the website, and social media as a whole, has been a bit neglected. So here’s some news and notes!

June is Pride Month for the majority of us! I dig pride month for a lot of reasons, and that’s certainly not to say it’s perfect or that the celebrations going on are all sunshine and rainbows. Though there certainĀ are a lot of rainbows! Remember that there are certain groups within the community that get erased on a daily basis. Aro and Ace people are constantly ignored, or told they don’t belong, or some other weird thing. It’s not necessary. Embrace the folks that identify this way! Each sexuality is valid. This goes for queer and genderfluid and any other thing that I can’t possibly think of. The point of the month is to remember those who have fought before us and to celebrate who we are today.

And of course (and you know I’m going to say it) this goes for the bi folks too! I won’t get on my soapbox about bierasure again, but it’s a thing that hits hard at me. It happens to me all the time, and there are so many times I want to point out that I’m bi, but I know it’s not safe to do so. Remember the bi folks have a place here too!

And to that end, here’s a shameless plug: I write a whole lot of bi characters for just that reason. Every book I’ve published with JMS and a lot of the ones at DSP feature Bi characters. I know both publishers have other titles featuring Bi..and all the spectrum…characters. So check them out and buy if it strikes your fancy!

Going with the theme, both the MCs in the book that Nell and I have written are bi! Did you catch that? We’re done! We’re in the polishing stage now, and then we’ll submit it. I’ll give you more details when we know publication dates. But in the meantime, we dropped this on Friday. So here’s a hint about what’s to come.

I’m still working on solo stuff too, but it’s taking longer than normal due to the aforementioned EDJ situation. Fortunately, I have some days off coming in a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping with the weekend, I’ll make some solid progress!

Happy Reading! Happy Pride! Enjoy, celebrate, remember, embrace!