What’s Going On?

Okay, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve been around.

Life, man. I tell you.

The EDJ is living up to it’s name. I’ve mentioned before we’ve got a new system, and it’s still a hot mess, but we’re working through it. Essentially, what that means is a ton of over time. I mean, a ton. Up until this last week, I was working extra every day and going in on both Saturday and Sunday. As a result, I’ve been pretty absent in the whole social media world, as well as haven’t been writing much. Fortunately for me, my cowriter, Nell Iris, has been wonderfully understanding about the whole thing.

Our collab is moving along, and we both love it to pieces. But there were about three weeks where I didn’t write a word, and it was my turn. The problem was, my brain was mush, and by the time I got home at night, all I wanted to do was chill and decompress. But we’re back on track, and we have four chapters left to write. We can’t wait to bring this book, and this series, to you!

And after much hemming and hawing, back and forth and mind changing, I have finally broken ground on my next story. I cannot tell you the trouble I had getting started. I must have changed my mind seven dozen times. I was certain about one thing, and then decide it wasn’t right. Rinse and repeat. Over and over again. It’s been weeks. But then, I finally decided to just write what I love. I was in my head about a lot of things, but ultimately, it comes down to just doing it and writing what feels right. So I cranked out 3k words on that this morning, and I feel really good about them.

What else can you expect in the future?

First and foremost, Avery’s story, Somebody to Die For, will be out in September. Right now that’s the only thing that has a definitive release date. More specific details when I have them. But look for that then.

And while we’re talking about Requiem Inc. I haven’t ruled out Tyler’s story. I even started it writing it. It’s been shuffled down the docket for a host of reasons, but it’s still hovering there. Life, and other things, often change plans, though. But if you want to read his story, let me know!

Some people have wondered if Beholden will have a sequel. The answer is yes. In fact, the way I see it, it’ll be a trilogy. Though, to be honest, that may change depending on how things go with the next book. And speaking of the next book…Soul Sliver went through a reorganization, and I had to scrap what I’d originally written. It’s on the docket though, and I’ll get it done as fast as I can.

And of course, as both Nell and I have mentioned, we’re writing a series together. Which, at the moment, looks like it’ll be four books and a shorter coda to finish it all up.

And we maybe have plans for after that’s done too… 😉

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I’m definitely still here and working, and hopefully it won’t be too long before another release is coming your way.

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