Happy Valentine’s Day!

A day devoted to celebrating love. While I think that should happen every day, it’s nice to have a special occasion to celebrate it too. Whether you’re doing so with your significant other(s) or someone new or a book and a glass of wine, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Dreamspinner Press and JMS are both having 30% off sales! Go grab a new book (or several), take advantage of the sale, and find some fictional people to fall in love with!

And may I remind you that I have a Valentine’s Day story? Sean and Hunter fall in love in Love at Roades End.

Sean Newvine is looking forward to his weekend at Roades End Inn so he can review his stay there for inclusion on his travel website. What he never expects is for the owner, Hunter Roades, to capture his attention from the very start.

The only problem is Hunter thinks Sean’s been sent by his brother on a blind date so that Hunter doesn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Once the awkward misunderstanding is resolved, Sean is charmed by Hunter’s formality and hospitality. And when they have a chance to really talk, sparks fly.

A passion-filled night has them both wanting more, but Hunter pulls away knowing Sean doesn’t live in town and the distance might be more than they can overcome. Sean and Hunter must figure out if they can make it work for longer than one night, or if their chance at love will end at Roades End Inn before it can begin.

Buy Links: Dreamspinner/AmazonKobo

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