Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**Hearts and Hazelnuts is available now! (You can find all the buy links at the bottom of this post) Let’s visit with Beckett and Jordan as they get ready for their first Christmas together. This takes place after the last chapter of the book, but before the epilogue. Enjoy!**

The living room smelled like fresh cut pine and peppermint tea. Beckett couldn’t help the small smile that played on his lips as he set down yet another box. He’d been searching through the attic for the past several hours, locating his mother’s Christmas decorations. The tree was ready, he had a playlist of carols queued up, and now all he needed was his boyfriend.

Beck’s smile grew a little at the thought. He and Jordan hadn’t seen each other for three weeks, when Jordan drove back down to Medford the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They’d texted frequently and Facetimed every night. But it wasn’t enough. Beck knew they had many, many more months of this. Years, maybe. No, that thought was too depressing. This was their situation for now, and since he was finally confident in Jordan’s feelings, Beck could handle it.  He would handle it. He didn’t have a choice.

But tonight, after so many days, Beck would finally get his hands on Jordan again. Be able to hold him and kiss him, and really see Jordan’s eyes when they talked. They’d be able to have their conversation while snuggling on the couch. Beck had been looking forward to that since Jordan left. And now he only had to wait…

Beck’s smile turned into a frown when he glanced at the clock. It was later than he thought. Jordan should have been there nearly an hour ago. Refusing to panic or worry, Beck crossed the room and woke up his phone. No missed calls or texts. No messages of any kind. Beck reminded himself again not to worry, but a niggle crept in anyway. The weather was clear, and the traffic report free of construction or accidents. There should be nothing holding up Jordan’s progress. And if he got stuck at work, he should have let Beck know.


Okay, so Beck was definitely starting to worry. Things between them were new, and it had only been a few weeks since they’d defined their relationship and talked about he long haul. Had Jordan changed his mind about coming up for the weekend? Beck should have offered to go down to him. Things were slow enough now at the farm that he could have left Cory in charge and made the trip. But Jordan had seemed excited about coming back. Beck knew how much he loved the farm. Plus he could visit with his brother as well. Jordan had been the one to suggest he come up in the first place.

The sound of a diesel engine broke through Beck’s thoughts, and he didn’t realize how panicked he’d gotten until it all released. Dropping his phone on the couch, he hurried to the door, and threw it open just as Jordan jumped down from his truck. Jordan looked up, and his face broke into a wide smile. Beck had a moment to wish he still had his shoes on, so he could run out to greet Jordan, but even as the thought entered his brain, Jordan jogged across the expanse and engulfed Beck in a tight hug.

Beck tucked his head down against Jordan’s throat and inhaled the scent uniquely Jordan. A hint of citrus and engine grease overlaid the scent of warm male skin.

Jordan pulled away after a long moment, and practically shoved Beck through the door.

“Get inside. It’s freezing out here.”

Beck chuckled as Jordan took off his coat and boots. The moment he was done, Beck threw himself back into Jordan’s arms and kissed him hard, putting all the waiting and longing and worry and love he had into it. Jordan gasped, and Beck took advantage to press his tongue inside.

Eventually they separated, because breathing was necessary, and Jordan grinned up at Beck. “I’m sorry I’m late. I left a little bit later than I planned, and I thought I could make up time, but then it was one thing after another. By the time I realized I was going to be significantly late, I was on the road and I don’t have the hands free thing in my truck.”

Beck was getting the man a Bluetooth earpiece for Christmas. “I wasn’t worried.”

Jordan snorted out a laugh. “Liar.” He stretched up and kissed Beck again. “It smells great in here.”

“The tree. And the tea. You hungry, babe?”

Jordan shook his head. “I grabbed some food on my way out of town. Ate while I drove.”

Beck sighed and refrained from pointing out how dangerous that could be. One moment’s inattention and…nope. He wasn’t going to go there. Instead, he took Jordan’s hand and led him toward the living room. All the boxes were laid out, and Beck was itching to get started. It could wait until tomorrow, but there was something about decorating his home with the man he loved, that really spoke to him.

“Did you test the lights?”

Beck blinked. “What?”

“The lights.” Jordan walked around the couch and grabbed a string of lights, holding them up. “Did you test them to make sure they still work?”

“Not yet, I…” Beck trailed off as he watched Jordan proceed to do just that. His heart swelled. He loved watching Jordan confident and in charge. Beck moved to help, pleased to see that all the strings still worked.

Two hours later, the tree was decorated, the fire was blazing, and they sat together on the couch with nothing but the Christmas lights and the fire for illumination. Jordan was down to his T-shirt, and Beck caught the edge of tattoo out of the corner of his eye. He stretched out, and Jordan easily moved with him, lying down so Beck could lie on top of him. But when he lowered his head to start licking that tattoo, Jordan caught his face in his hands.

“Love you,” Jordan mumured, the words barely audible.

Beck sighed happily, the last bit of tension leaving him. “I love you too.”

Jordan pulled him up so that he settled right on Jordan’s chest. Together, they stared at the tree, with the soft music playing around them. This, right here, was what Beck wanted for the rest of his life.

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