Flash Fic Friday

Flash Fic Friday

**In honor of my new day job, the prompt given to me this week was a new job. Enjoy!**

I was early, but the excitement, nerves, and anticipation pushed me out of bed an hour before I needed to be. And then I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get to the office a little early. It was my first day, and it would give me a chance to get set up and learn the lay of the land.

My office was small, and the walls were bare, but it wouldn’t take me long to fill them. I had a few prints I couldn’t wait to hang up. The desk was shiny and clean, and two monitors graced the top. Stepping into the former managers shoes, I knew the computer was already set up with everything I needed. And I also knew it wouldn’t take me long to get acclimated with the workings of this particular office. I’d worked hard to get where I was, and I was determined to do the job well.

After taking a few minutes to just absorb the atmosphere, I picked up my favorite travel mug and headed for the break room. One of the perks was a fully stocked kitchen, and I’d been assured throughout my many rounds of interviews that there was always coffee. I met a few people on my way down the hall, and received polite nods and “good mornings” in response to my greetings.

Settling back in at my desk, I took a big gulp of the steaming brew, and barely refrained from moaning out loud. Damn, they didn’t spare any expense. The coffee was the good stuff. Sighing happily, I booted up my computer and loaded my task list. I had an hour to get myself acclimated before the meeting with the VP and my team.

Barely fifteen minutes later, a knock on my door had me looking up. And I nearly swallowed my tongue. Six feet of sinewy muscle, bright smile, and careless good looks. I cleared my throat, and then had to do it again. I hadn’t met this man on my interviews or tour, and it was probably a good thing I didn’t. He was gorgeous, and I would have stumbled and stuttered instead of presenting my best self.

“Hey there. Colin right?” The man took a step inside and held out his hand. I hastily stood to shake it, and felt the zing of electricity shoot up my arm. His dark eyes widened a fraction, so I knew he felt it too. But he gave a slight head shake, and his smile grew. “I’m Jude. Welcome to the team.”

“Thanks.” My voice came out a little croaky.

Jude just smiled even wider. “I’m the acquisitions manager, so our teams will be working closely together. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself before our meeting this afternoon.”

“I appreciate that.” I shuffled my feet uncertainly, and hoped my smile didn’t look as maniacal as it felt. “It’s not easy being the new guy. And teamwork is important.”

Teamwork is important? Really? That was what I came up with? I wanted to kick myself. But Jude chuckled, and his smile turned a little wicked.

“Yes it is.” He pitched his voice low, and I fought a shiver. I knew I wasn’t mistaking the innuendo in his tone.

Jude took a step back. “I’ll let you get back to work. And I’ll see you this afternoon.”

I waved as he turned to leave, and felt like an idiot, but the man had addled my brains. And the way his ass looked in his dress pants was enough to be my undoing. Just before he stepped through the door, he looked back over his shoulder and caught me staring. He licked his lips.

“And maybe we can meet after work for a drink. You know–” he gave me a meaningful look. “–to welcome you to the company.”

All I could do was nod. Jude winked and left. I waited until I was sure he was gone, then sat down hard in my chair. I couldn’t contain my grin.

I just knew I was going to love working here.